January 24, 2012

Birthday Witch

I have to tell you the story of the witches head.
A couple months back I found a resin witch head in a box at a garage sale. It had a few strands of rope hair still attached and was looking pretty scary. My sister and I have nicknames for each other, she is Wicked Witch Of The East, and I am Wicked Witch Of The West. Naturally I bought the "scary head", thinking that I would fix it up and send it to my sister as a Halloween gift. While filling a box for her one day I decided just to throw the "scary head" in unfinished, as a joke.


Today I received this witch in the mail, as a birthday gift from Wicked Witch Of The East!!! I just have to share pictures! The body is a sand-filled orange juice bottle, and the clothes, hat & shoes are all MADE FROM SCRATCH from things she had around her house! The tiny smiling spider & ruby slippers are 'TOO MUCH'!!
What a lucky sister I am!!!

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