June 24, 2008


Still enjoying the "Shades Of Inspiration" group. This weeks color is blue..here are a couple of my favorite new blue photos...my grandbabies seeing the ocean for the first time.

This is a shot of winter cloud formations taken from the edge of town

June 18, 2008

WHITE inspiration

HOW FUN, this weeks colors for the "Shades of Inspiration" group are white and cream!

Photos of my grandbabies are always my favorites, here are a couple shots from this past Christmas.

June 10, 2008

Shades Of ~ GREEN ~ Inspiration

I'm going on vacation and won't be back before "green" ends, so thought I'd put all my green photos up now ~ hope you enjoy some of them


June 5, 2008


showing off pics. of my precious grandbabies for "I Saw Red" today

June 4, 2008


Lots of red today..this is a local bar

An old house made of railroad ties

Old Western Pacific Railroad water tower

My favorite tin box..reminds me of when my husband was first learning to play

I just had to show you my gorgeous peony bouquet..I have two plants and they don't like the soil in my neck-of-the-desert, so when they bloom it's heaven!

June 3, 2008

Happy Distractions

I spent the day putting my things back in my studio/craft trailer, and kept finding red distractions...it was fun!

This is a metal rooster at our old gas station

Red truck tape dispenser and a little trailer bank from a friend

A clip board my sister painted for me years ago

Ribbon flowers my mom and I had fun making

I Saw Red Again

This is a view from my back door

June 2, 2008

Put A Lid On It ~ AKA ~ I Saw Red

My first photo for "I Saw Red" is this little grouping of enamel lids I've found on several "desert dump" forages. I love the mellow yellow the sunset casts in this picture.

Sara is right, I'm seeing red everywhere!