April 6, 2008

Get Your Kick's

I'm looking forward to posting about my craft trailer renovation I've been busy working on, but have quite a bit more to do...in the meantime I'd like to share a few more photos I took recently of some vintage neon signs along old Route 66. I just love the worn colors and all the fun graphics!

This sign originally read MEXICAN FOOD, but the fun lady that owns the place told me she "didn't feel like cooking", so she scrambled the letters years ago and turned the place into an antique/junk store...what a sense of humor!


Sarah said...

Fun pics. My husband keeps telling me I should take pics of all the old signs around the area I grew up in before there all torn down.

Kristin said...

Hey Rise'! I love all the signs too! I would love to hang one of those in the house, if I had a great room or something like that where it would fit!! Cool pics! Luv, Kristin